Andy Hook

Backed by 20 years’ experience gained through his time at Tony James Component Wiring, Beru F1 and Cyprium, Andy today leads our production team. He has the industry know-how when it comes to offshore powerboats, LMP endurance cars, motorcycles, one-make championship and Formula 1, covering all aspects of build, materials specification and onsite prototyping.


Shane Leeper

Shane gained his first experience as a Motor Vehicle Technician apprentice in 1989 and was very soon promoted to Service Manager. Since then he has worked on all aspects of build and materials specifications, as well as being a fundamental part of support technician teams, providing onsite prototyping for various projects. Through the years, Shane has gained unrivalled expertise in LMP endurance cars, offshore power boats, motorcycles, one-make championship and Formula 1.


Chris Goodwin

Chris has gained nearly 50 years’ experience in the motorsport industry. Although he initially began his career on the mechanical side, Chris has been specialising in electrical and data acquisition as well as race and support engineering for the past 25 years. He has been directly involved with many front-line teams, representing both manufacturers and privateers, at various events including the endurance classic, the Le Mans 24-hour. Argo, Porsche, Nissan, Courage and Bentley are just some of the teams he has worked with.