ASC Wiring's main focus is you: Our most valued customer. With a relationship built on trust and reliability, we offer you years of experience, unrivalled know-how and attention to detail backed by highly trained engineers with complete support from conception to installation. Regardless of whether you choose a stand-alone service or a complete package, we commit nothing less than our very best to your needs all the way through our partnership. It’s never just a job to us – we value you as our esteemed partner, and working seamlessly with your team can ensure a more successful and fruitful relationship throughout the project.



Boasting state-of-the-art equipment, we are armed with the ability to manufacture anything from a unique one-off limited construction, right through to mass production of the most complex assemblies.


Never compromising on quality, our experienced engineers utilise a wide range of materials for the production of your harness. We only use the very best and boast a wide range of quality products from trusted names including Raychem, Deutsch, Souriau, MoTeC, Honeywell and Apem.